About us at WeGrow.Social

WeGrow.Social are a group of people mostly based in Sheffield, England. We are working together to make affordable, open-source aquaponics systems. We want to help save the world with fish poo!

Meet the team…

  • Hamish Cunningham is a professor of computer science,
  • Gareth Coleman is a hardware hacker and maker,
  • Boglarka Gulyas (AKA Zilla) is a plant scientist specialising in urban agriculture,
  • Stephanie Rudd is our cyber security expert,
  • Elisabeth Colnard is an agronomy student from France, who is helping with growing plants and
  • Nick Taylor-Buck, from The Urban Institute, who is interested in using insects to create sustainable fish food from food waste.

We also run student projects on various topics, such as the data graphing software, water quality measurements and cloud-based social co-production support.

We are an open, friendly group that is growing fast! We all believe in giving our time to developing aquaponics for the common good. If you would like to join us, please use the contact form.