The Water Flow and the Water Valve in our FAO based system

Our friends at the Aquaponics Lab have done an interesting post last week describing the history of the Water Valve.

Lots of people were intrigued on exactly where the water valve is installed and how it’s operated. They’ve asked if we could help to clarify it by showing our FAO based system and how we operate the water valves in here using the Water Elf.

The water flow is simple, water moves by gravity as follows:

Fish Tank ->  3 Grow-beds -> Water Valve -> Sump

Finally from the sump the filtered water is pumped back to the fish tank.

Here is a quick video showing the water flow:


The water valves can be controlled mainly by two ways: A time based strategy or a water level sensor.

For real time accuracy we decided to use a level sensor and we are testing ultra-sonic one. This device uses ultra-sonic sound-waves to measure the distance between the sensor and the water surface. It enables precise adjustments of the ebb-and-flow frequency and the maximum water height inside the grow-bed while giving the ability to easily change whenever desired.

Bellow you can see pictures of the ultra-sonic sensors in our grow-bed:


Ultra-sonic sensor
Ultra-sonic sensor in place (inside the media guard)
Ultra-sonic sensors
Ultra-sonic sensor outside the media guard







Keep informed of our latest developments:







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