Live and Learn…

Well, sorry to say but our Kickstarter hasn’t made its funding target 😦

But we’ve learned lots 🙂

Including these three things:

  1. we know even less about media relations than we thought we did
  2. kickstarter isn’t ideal for big complicated projects

But we’ll be back! Watch this space for details!

Oh, and the third thing? Local food is even more vital than we thought — read A Farewell to Ice by Peter Wadhams

Can you help spread aquaponics?

Today we launch our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

We want to raise funds to

  • get cheap aquaponics systems into back garden sheds and greenhouses, balconies and attics
  • attach WaterElf electronics to them to gather data and connect communities
  • do citizen science to work out what works best where, and how much it all costs

You can back us from as little as £10, and you’ll buy into an international team with 100s of person-years of expertise.

But don’t take my word for it! Here’s Kate Humble telling her part of the story:


And Professor Tony Ryan:


And a cast of thousands at — will you join us?

Short on Potassium?

One of the trace elements that aquaponics systems sometimes get short on is potassium, and Paulo thinks that might be why some of the leaves on my cucumber and strawberries are a bit peaky:


Today I’ve started adding 10 grammes of K2SO4 per day — I’ll report back in a week!

A few more pics for reference:

Gareth to the Rescue

Today was valve debugging day:

The flow control valves we’re using are a miracle of upcycling from Paulo Marini, Gareth Coleman and Mike Ratcliffe. They use a bike tyre inner tube and some scavenged parts from blood pressure monitors to do the same job as £200’s worth of metal parts for a mere £20.

We’ve had a couple of glitches with them this week though, and today was the day for sorting them out… It turned out that Bed 3 valve had just popped off its mounting; screwing that one back on did the trick 🙂

Bed 1 was a bit more of a mystery, but after poking about with Gareth’s multimeter for an hour we figured out that the Cat 5 junction box had a loose connection. Easy to fix 🙂

So now the water is flowing again:

Cheers Gareth!