Gareth to the Rescue

Today was valve debugging day:

The flow control valves we’re using are a miracle of upcycling from Paulo Marini, Gareth Coleman and Mike Ratcliffe. They use a bike tyre inner tube and some scavenged parts from blood pressure monitors to do the same job as £200’s worth of metal parts for a mere £20.

We’ve had a couple of glitches with them this week though, and today was the day for sorting them out… It turned out that Bed 3 valve had just popped off its mounting; screwing that one back on did the trick 🙂

Bed 1 was a bit more of a mystery, but after poking about with Gareth’s multimeter for an hour we figured out that the Cat 5 junction box had a loose connection. Easy to fix 🙂

So now the water is flowing again:

Cheers Gareth!

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